Macbeth R. macbeth.rene at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 12:15:52 MDT 2014

Hi, I have a MAUI 3.3 and PBS/TORQUE 3.0.6

Maui is not seeing jobs over 3800 count, we use Job Arrays in a renderfarm,
I try to recompile MAUI with bigger settings without luck,
maui still says:

03/28 18:38:13 WARNING:  job buffer overflow (cannot add job '10560[75]')
03/28 18:38:13 ERROR:    job buffer is full  (ignoring job

for jobs over the 3800 limit.

These are the settings I changed:

File:                 Line:                          Original Value:
    New Value:

./msched.h:443:#define MMAX_JOB         4096                       500000
./msched.h:1935:#define MMAX_JOBRA    16                             64
./msched.h:447:#define MAX_MJOB_TRACE   4096                500000

./moab.h:314:# define MAX_MRES            1024                      500000

./msched-common.h:478:#define MAX_MCLASS       16              32
./msched-common.h:185:# define MAX_MTASK      4096         500000

./msu.h:408:#define SUDEF_CPBUFFERSTEPSIZE      4096  6276800

I recompile Maui with these settings:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/maui-3.3 --with-pbs=/usr/local/torque-3.0.6
make install

What Im doing wrong? MAUI still shows the same error, I guess is not even
considering my new changes.. The binaries had the new date and time from
the rebuild.. But seems like maui is still the old one, i havent reset the
entire machine cause is running other services, I just restarted MAUI and
TORQUE like this:

/etc/init.d/pbs_server restart
/etc/init.d/maui.d restart

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