[torqueusers] 2 Jobs per node limit in Maui?

Dragseth Roy Einar roy.dragseth at uit.no
Fri Mar 28 08:49:30 MDT 2014

On Thursday 27. March 2014 17:20:38 van Eikema Hommes, Nicolaas wrote:
> Hello!
> At our site, we're currently using Torque 4.2.5 with Maui 3.3.1, the latter
> with the default configuration. This setup works fine, but we've noticed
> that Maui appears to limit the number of jobs per node to 2: when a user
> submits 8 jobs that request ppn=1 to a particular np=8 node, only 2 jobs
> are started by the scheduler. The remaining 6 jobs must be started via
> qrun.
> I could not find anything that might be related to this behaviour in the
> documentation (links in maui.cfg are broken btw); the showconfig command
> doesn't list any parameter with a value of 2, so that didn't help either.
> Any help/suggestions how to make Maui start more jobs per node are greatly
> appreciated.

Do you by any chance use the SINGLEUSER policy?  We see the same behavior on 
our production cluster from time to time, but it  has been completely 
impossible for me to reproduce the problem on my little test cluster with a 
similar setup.  I have a suspicion it is related to SINGLEUSER and backfill.  A
couple of years back we got a partial fix from AC, but the problem isn't 
completely gone.  Right now I have a python  script that do runjob on jobs in 
the queued state just to fill the nodes.


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