[torqueusers] job not deleted due to 15033

Eva Hocks hocks at sdsc.edu
Thu Mar 20 16:07:41 MDT 2014

the qdel for a job is stuck in the server due to No free connections????

03/20/2014 14:00:05;0008;PBS_Server.43460;Job;1277239.tscc-mgr.local;Job deleted at request of root at tscc-mgr.local
03/20/2014 14:00:05;0008;PBS_Server.43460;Req;decode_DIS_replySvr;failed to get PROT_TYPE: 0, (rc: 11)
03/20/2014 14:00:05;0008;PBS_Server.43460;Job;send_request_to_remote_server;DIS_reply_read failed: 11
03/20/2014 14:00:05;0080;PBS_Server.43460;Req;req_reject;Reject reply code=15033(Batch protocol error), aux=0, type=DeleteJob, from root at tscc-mgr.local
03/20/2014 14:00:05;0008;PBS_Server.43460;Job;1277239.tscc-mgr.local;Job sent signal SIGTERM on delete

Any help appreciated on how to fix that issue and how to delete the job


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