[torqueusers] torque server mail_domain being ignored

Craig West cwest at v3.org.au
Thu Mar 13 22:16:29 MDT 2014


> We have a torque installation (torque 2.4.11) with multiple submit
> hosts.  On this particular installation; we've explicitly specified the
> mail_domain variable in the server settings.  Despite this; torque is
> attempting to send mail to <user>@<submit host>.
> Is there some other parameter we need to adjust for this to work
> properly?  The mail_domain variable seems to do the right thing on other
> clusters with this torque version and only a single submit host.

Glad to see you have something working already. Just thought I'd comment 
on how we deal with it. It is basically a two step process for us, to 
ensure it gets handled properly in different situations.

First, we have a Torque Submit filter, which actually does lots of 
things, but one thing it does do is add the email address of the user to 
the job (if not already defined by the user). It does this by talking to 
our accounting management software.

Second, we have configured postfix so that it will actually talk to the 
LDAP server to request the email address of the user if it trying to 
send to addresses we know the user is not on ... e.g. management server, 
login nodes, etc... This is done by using the ldap alias map method.


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