[torqueusers] Trying to bring up my first cluster

brown wrap gramos at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 8 16:16:00 MST 2014

I have Rocks 6.1 installed:

NAME                          VERSION ARCH   ENABLED
ganglia:                      6.1     x86_64 yes    
web-server:                   6.1     x86_64 yes    
service-pack:                 6.1     x86_64 yes    
kernel:                       6.1     x86_64 yes    
base:                         6.1     x86_64 yes    
Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_6.5: 6.1     x86_64 yes    

I downloaded and install torque- and maui-3.3. Ran through the configuration, but my nodes are marked as down. I can ssh to them and have started trqauthd and pbs_mom on each, yet the out of 'pbsnode -a', which shows the correct configuration, shows each node down. Any ideas? Thanks.
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