[torqueusers] Specific Users Access

Michael Jennings mej at lbl.gov
Fri Mar 7 13:19:06 MST 2014

On Friday, 07 March 2014, at 17:56:34 (+0200),
Dimitrakakis Georgios wrote:

> Thx for the feedback! Apparently the problem has nothing to do with Torque.
> For some reason on the first node the
> /usr/soft/application
> belongs to root:group
> but on the rest it becomes root:nobody
> For some reason other nodes cannot get the proper permissions...

Is the group listed in /etc/group on the nodes with the same GID?

Also, is it mounted via NFSv4 or NFSv3 (or something else)?  Try NFSv3
if it's not already mounted with that.


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