[torqueusers] Specific Users Access

Michael Arndt m.arndt at science-computing.de
Fri Mar 7 07:33:30 MST 2014


Maybe you need a newgrp "applicationgroupname" in your generated application job script as one of your first commands

you simply can recheck by a simple submit script

to give an idea


module load "yourappmodule"


newgrp "myapplicationgroup"

ls /usr/soft/myapplication/bin/myexecuteable

which myexecuteable

those commands should show you:

env -> is your path after loading your module really what you think it should be ?

is it simply a problem, because you use a secondary group for access and

what tells env which user you actually are

-can you access the app folder after a newsgroup and is your path ok

By your mail address i would assume that one of your apps is gaussian

If you google for torque and gaussian / g03 you will detect g03 just runs fine with torque

and setting access rights to "group" for g03 works with torque

best wishes



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Hi all!

In our cluster software is installed in /usr/soft/XXX

where "XXX" is the folder's name with the corresponding software. People
are using the "module load XXX" command in their scripts to load
environment variables for each software that they would like to use.

If I want to give access to a specific user/group for selected software
and restrict all others what do I have to do in order for that to work
with Torque?  I 've found out that by changing the ownership of the folder
to the specific group and granting rx permissions only to that group while
restricting everything else is not working. My guess is that Torque is not
running the script commands as the user but rather as somebody else. Is
that the case? Any suggestions?



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