[torqueusers] Help to run script in torque [...]

Gareth.Williams at csiro.au Gareth.Williams at csiro.au
Mon Sep 23 18:25:06 MDT 2013

> I'm trying to run this script on my cluster with torque
> ./paralellHdecode.sh /home/sapda/sapdaProject/laboratory/dataAct/am/models/18G_Test_8kHz_MA /home/sapda/sapdaProject/dataBase/lm/models/train05.lm /home/sapda/sapdaProject/dataBase/dict x00 > saida_x00.log & 

Removing the '&' is more straightforward than adding 'wait'.

You rarely need to run processes in the background in a batch job - after all that is what the batch job itself is for.


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