[torqueusers] Torque scheduler not informed about new jobs?

Dr. Nico van Eikema Hommes (CCC) nico.hommes at fau.de
Thu Sep 19 18:26:53 MDT 2013


We recently set up a new master node, running openSUSE 12.3, and installed version 4.1.6 of Torque. Everything seemed to running fine, but we noticed that freshly submitted jobs are not run immediately even when suitable nodes are free. Instead, they wait in the queue until the scheduler (we use the standard scheduler at the moment) is run periodically.

The logfile contains the lines

  PBS_Server.59003;Svr;servernode;Scheduler was sent the command time

but no lines like

  PBS_Server.54088;Svr;servernode;Scheduler was sent the command new

that appear on another cluster system (with torque 4.1.0) immediately when jobs are submitted. On this cluster, jobs start immediately when free nodes are available.

Jobs are submitted from the login nodes. However, the problem occurs as well when jobs are submitted on the master node.
The server parameters are the same on both clusters.
Our current workaround is to set the scheduler interval to 60 seconds, but this isn't really a solution.

Has anybody seen this behaviour? Or better, does anybody know how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Best regards,

    Nico van Eikema Hommes
Dr. N.J.R. van Eikema Hommes   Computer-Chemie-Centrum
E-Mail:   nico.hommes at fau.de   Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg
Phone:      +49-9131-8526532   Naegelsbachstr. 25
FAX:        +49-9131-8526565   91052 Erlangen, Germany

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