[torqueusers] setting an upper value for available memory on a node

Andrus, Brian Contractor bdandrus at nps.edu
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If you are using Maui (which I assume you are since you sent your request to that list as well), you should look at NODEALLOCATIONPOLICY.
If you set that to PRIORITY and then use AMEM to set the priority of nodes, jobs go to the node with the most available memory first.

Here is an example from the manual:

Example 1: Favor the fastest nodes with the most available memory which are running the fewest jobs


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Dear all,
Is there any way to set a maximum value for used memory on a node? Assume a node has 32 cores with 64GB total shared memory. Now there are 20 running jobs (12 cores are idle) but 60GB of memory is used. Now I want to set a policy to defer an incoming job because there is not enough memory.

Any idea to accomplish that?

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