[torqueusers] maui and pbs-server crashes

Eva Hocks hocks at sdsc.edu
Tue Sep 17 18:04:33 MDT 2013

Anyone seen siliar crashes for maui and/or pbs-server and could hint in
the direction of a cause?

I am running maui 3.3.1 and torque 3.0.5

Sep 13 20:57:36 tscc-mgr kernel: maui[55581] general protection
ip:4a424bsp:7fff8e446608 error:0 in maui[400000+107000]

Sep 17 14:31:51 tscc-mgr kernel: pbs_server[59734] general protection
ip:326e012910 sp:7fffed3c29b0 error:0 in ld-2.12.so[326e000000+20000]


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