[torqueusers] Queue Problem

Michel Béland michel.beland at calculquebec.ca
Thu Sep 12 07:37:54 MDT 2013

Jurgens de Bruin wrote :
> Hi
> This is driving my crazy...
> I gave 3 queues a default batch and two additional "specialized". If a 
> submit  a job to any 2 of the queues the job executes  without any 
> problems, but one of the "specialized" queues does not seem to work 
> this is the queue setup:
> # Create and define queue himem
> #
> create queue himem
> set queue himem queue_type = Execution
> set queue himem resources_default.neednodes = bigmem
> So queue clc and batch work perfectly, himem produces the following error:
> *** error from copy
> Host key verification failed.
> lost connection
> *** end error output
> Output retained on that host in: 
> /var/spool/torque/undelivered/49.manager.OU
> Any idea/ suggestion would be appreciated

Find out which node ran job 49. Then try to ssh from this node to the 
server. To debug this I guess that you should make sure with "ssh-key 
-l" that you do not use your own public/private key pair and remove it 
if you have one, for the duration of the test. You should test this with 
ssh option -a to disable forwarding of the authentication agent 
connection. Also add -v to see what ssh tries to do.

Hope this helps,

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