[torqueusers] epilogue and node access policy

Troy Baer tbaer at utk.edu
Tue Sep 10 09:55:42 MDT 2013

On Tue, 2013-09-10 at 11:02 +0200, Sakhile Masoka wrote:
> I have epilogues set on nodes to clean up processes ( stray processes)
> after a job completes using "userid". But also I have implemented on
> Moab, ENFORCENODEACCESS SINGLEUSER, meaning  jobs of the same user can
> be scheduled to the same node if resources are still available. This
> helps with users running many single task jobs with less small memory
> requirements. 
> The issue now, I have a user saying his jobs (single tasks) are
> cancelled when one finishes. And I see how that can be, since
> epilogues will clean all processes on the node that belongs to that
> user.
> Is there a way to work arround this issue, config sugestions etc.... 
> Otherwise I'll have to disable epilogues and work with prologues
> alone. 

I would recommend taking a look at reaver[1] for killing user processes
in epilogues.  It goes to some lengths to make sure it doesn't kill off
processes owned by users who have active jobs on the node.

[1] http://svn.nics.tennessee.edu/repos/pbstools/trunk/sbin/reaver

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