[torqueusers] epilogue and node access policy

Sakhile Masoka sakhile.harvey at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 03:02:23 MDT 2013

I have epilogues set on nodes to clean up processes ( stray processes)
after a job completes using "userid". But also I have implemented on Moab,
ENFORCENODEACCESS SINGLEUSER, meaning  jobs of the same user can be
scheduled to the same node if resources are still available. This helps
with users running many single task jobs with less small memory

The issue now, I have a user saying his jobs (single tasks) are cancelled
when one finishes. And I see how that can be, since epilogues will clean
all processes on the node that belongs to that user.

Is there a way to work arround this issue, config sugestions etc....

Otherwise I'll have to disable epilogues and work with prologues alone.

Sakhile Masoka
Sys Admin, CHPC
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