[torqueusers] nodes access by specific user

Hatzopoulos, Nikolaos hatzopou at chapman.edu
Fri Sep 6 11:51:43 MDT 2013

I have a cluster and some nodes belong to different groups of people
how can I assign users to run on different nodes?

lets say the group biology has bought compute-0-1
             the group physics has bought compute-0-2
             and common nodes for every one compute-0-3

a biologist can have access on compute-0-1 and compute-0-3 but not in compute-0-2

how this can work in torque?

thank you,
-- Nikos Hatzopoulos
Computational Support Specialist
Schmid College of Science and Technology
Chapman University
One University Dr, Orange, CA, 92866
phone: 714-289-2016
web: http://forecast.chapman.edu

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