[torqueusers] pbs_server can't bind port--version4.0.2

刘金芸 513056421 at qq.com
Mon Sep 2 04:58:45 MDT 2013

   I installed torque on a redhat like operating system, i can start the pbs_server successfully, but pbs_server are not bound to its default port 15001,when i use cammand 'netstat' ,i can't see the pbs_server service and port 15001,but pbs_mom,trqauthd,pbs_sched are normal,they have their ports 15002,15003,15004,15005,they are all in the listening state.but i do can find the pbs_server's PID by using 'ps -ef | grep pbs_server'.
   I doubt if there's some wrong with my serverdb,because there is no hostname,so i wander what's the normal serverdb looks like. 
   So,is there anybody have this problem or know something about that,thanks.

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