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I wanted to reply to this idea on a separate thread. I'm pasting the
original message followed by my response.

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"Mgr. Šimon Tóth" toth at fi.muni.cz via supercluster.org
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to Torque, Torque

Torque could really use a dual release mode. Maintain a
long-term-support version that will really be stable and will only add
bug fixes and parallel to that, do active development and release new
versions with short-term-support.

We are covering various users with our Torque fork, some are mainly
interested in just running the software as it is, without any further
requests for new features, others want continuous improvements.

Maintaining a long-term-support version would also be great for us,
since one of the main reasons why we are still stuck on the 2.4 version
as the base of our fork is that there is no bugfix-only branch. All the
branches include many new features that were breaking our fork. With a
long-term-support version, we could actually maintain a fork of that
version while staying up-to-date.

My response:

This is the model we attempt to follow, although perhaps there is some
difference from what we're doing to exactly what you are proposing. The
model we follow:

There is a maintenance branch and a current branch.
The current branch is the latest released version of things (right now this
would be 4.2) and can receive fixes as well as well-encapsulated features.
The maintenance branch can only receive bug fixes. This branch is one
release old - currently 4.1.

We do not anticipate instability in the current branch, but in the case
that there is instability we have historically extended support for one
branch older. That is the scenario that caused us to support 2.5 for so

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