[torqueusers] newbie question -- installing TORQUE on OSX

Frantisek Havluj Frantisek.Havluj at ujv.cz
Wed Oct 16 00:55:27 MDT 2013


Does anybody have an experience installing the latest Torque on OSX, please? My configure step ends with: 

checking for SSL_accept in -lssl... no 
configure: error: TORQUE needs lib openssl-devel in order to build 

I installed openssl (1.0.1e) via homebrew; tried installing from source as well with no success. I tried peeking into the configure script to fiddle with openssl by myself (try to figure out why the check for ssl_accept fails), but to no avail. 

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

Frantisek Havluj 
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