[torqueusers] pbs/torque / RHEL6 - drmaa library integration

Benji Wakely B.Wakely at latrobe.edu.au
Tue Oct 15 17:08:39 MDT 2013


Short version:
Anyone have any experience and/or luck with drmaa
submitting / interacting with torque running on RHEL6.

Trying to hook up a particular product (clcbio) with a torque/pbs server,
it interacts through drmaa, which isn't working.

Long version:

We have a pair of servers (as opposed to a HPC cluster),
so for normal job submission from one host to another,
we've simply installed the RHEL6 packages for torque from the 'epel' repository.
(v. 2.5.7-9, e.g. torque-server-2.5.7-9.el6.x86_64)

On the submission host (client), I can submit jobs to (server)
using qsub
(Interactive jobs fail, but I can live with that for now - batch submission jobs succeed.)

Clcbio don't support torque/pbs, and I don't want to push that support burden onto this list,
but what I would like to know is:

Has anyone has successfully configured/installed libdrmaa
to submit / interact with torque running on RHEL6?

Anyone have a simple wrapper script to call an external arbitrary libdrmaa library,
as opposed to a perl/python library?
I'm interested in testing someone else's libdrmaa functionality,
not in using a better wheel.

Best regards,

Benji Wakely <b.wakely at latrobe.edu.au>
Unix Systems Administrator
La Trobe University
+613 9479 5499
+614 34 307 667

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