[torqueusers] getting torque to enforce memory limit (resources_available.mem)

Sam West swest at sgi.com
Wed Oct 9 10:44:17 MDT 2013

All our efforts to get torque+maui to schedule and run jobs, while respecting a node's maximum available memory are not working...

This seems like one of the most basic functions that a queuing system should be able to perform, so I assume we are just doing something wrong.

We want users to be able to qsub jobs, with memory limits specified, and to have torque/maui keep track of the aggregate memory requested by various jobs, and not place jobs into execution if the aggregate memory exceeds the available.

We believe we are currently configured to make this happen (i.e., we have our batch queue resources_available.mem set to the maximum that we want to be allowed).  Can someone point to an example of a queue configuration that correctly implements this feature?


- s.west

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