[torqueusers] Newbie Questions.

Macbeth R. macbeth.rene at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 12:28:02 MDT 2013

Hi, I had been using torque 3.0.6, on Centos 6.4, and everything is working
great :D

I had some questions, thanks in advance is someone points me in the right

1- Is there a way to put comments on jobs?? or a trick? I was trying to use
the "acount_string" option to store some comments there, sucefully, but I
might be needing this option for its real purpose soon, any tips?

2- How can I get a email notification per job array, and not per job, ? Im
sending job arrays of thousands of jobs, I dont want thousands of emails,
on my Inbox.


Macbeth Rene R.

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