[torqueusers] Torque and DRMAA

Michael Jennings mej at lbl.gov
Tue Nov 26 16:16:26 MST 2013

On Thursday, 21 November 2013, at 11:51:19 (-0600),
Daniel Davidson wrote:

> I am trying to compile torque with the included drmaa into a rpm. To 
> begin, I added %bcond_without drmaa (and numa but that seems to be 
> working) to the spec file and started my build  However I am getting the 
> following errors.
> What am I missing?

The correct way to enable a supported feature which is disabled by
default, such as DRMAA support, is to supply the --with <feature>
option to the rpmbuild command.  In this case, it would be something
like this:

$ rpmbuild -ta --with drmaa --with numa torque-4.2.6.tar.gz

In the case of DRMAA, make sure you have doxygen installed for best


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