[torqueusers] Two configs for Warewulf NHC 1.2.2 ?

Eva Hocks hocks at sdsc.edu
Tue Mar 26 13:17:05 MDT 2013

personally I like the Options-style command-line configuration since
it's conform with many other daemon configurtations (like torque
pbs_server -d /var/spool/torque)

The trend seems to be going to "--conf-file="  instead of the "-c" for
example, to extend the letters and numbers for options.


On Tue, 26 Mar 2013, Michael Jennings wrote:

> On Tuesday, 26 March 2013, at 07:17:13 (-0700),
> Grigory Shamov wrote:
> > Can there be a way to specify different configs for NHC to run somehow (command line)?
> One more thing on this; I wanted to get some feedback from users.
> I'm working hard on the NHC 1.3 release which I hope to have released
> prior to MoabCon.  I've been considering a command-line method for
> passing configuration into NHC, and I came up with a few ideas I
> wanted to solicit opinions on.
> Do you all have a preference between:
>  - Environment-style command-line configuration
>     Ex.:  /usr/sbin/nhc CONFFILE=/etc/nhc/nhc-cron.conf TIMEOUT=60
>  - Options-style command-line configuration
>     Ex.:  /usr/sbin/nhc -c /etc/nhc/nhc-cron.conf -t 60
>  - Accept both?
> The benefit of the first option is that it's easy to parse (look for
> var=val and pass to "eval") and infinitely extensible.  Brevity and
> least surprise are the advantages of the 2nd option, but they come at
> the expense of extensibility (i.e., there are only so many letters and
> numbers available to make options that make sense).
> The "both" option is still fairly easy to do and gets the "best of
> both worlds" award, but I'm not sure if it would be confusing to
> users.
> One caveat:  Traditionally, command-line options have overridden
> config file settings.  That would not be the case here.  Any config
> file settings would override the command line (unless they were
> conditional, like ${FOO:-bar}).  The default values in NHC are done
> conditionally, but I suspect most config file settings are not, so
> this could potentially be a source of confusion.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks!
> Michael
> PS:  Hope to see many of you at MoabCon in a few weeks!  :-)

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