[torqueusers] Two configs for Warewulf NHC 1.2.2 ?

Michael Jennings mej at lbl.gov
Tue Mar 26 12:51:09 MDT 2013

On Tuesday, 26 March 2013, at 07:17:13 (-0700),
Grigory Shamov wrote:

> Can there be a way to specify different configs for NHC to run somehow (command line)?

One more thing on this; I wanted to get some feedback from users.

I'm working hard on the NHC 1.3 release which I hope to have released
prior to MoabCon.  I've been considering a command-line method for
passing configuration into NHC, and I came up with a few ideas I
wanted to solicit opinions on.

Do you all have a preference between:

 - Environment-style command-line configuration
    Ex.:  /usr/sbin/nhc CONFFILE=/etc/nhc/nhc-cron.conf TIMEOUT=60

 - Options-style command-line configuration
    Ex.:  /usr/sbin/nhc -c /etc/nhc/nhc-cron.conf -t 60

 - Accept both?

The benefit of the first option is that it's easy to parse (look for
var=val and pass to "eval") and infinitely extensible.  Brevity and
least surprise are the advantages of the 2nd option, but they come at
the expense of extensibility (i.e., there are only so many letters and
numbers available to make options that make sense).

The "both" option is still fairly easy to do and gets the "best of
both worlds" award, but I'm not sure if it would be confusing to

One caveat:  Traditionally, command-line options have overridden
config file settings.  That would not be the case here.  Any config
file settings would override the command line (unless they were
conditional, like ${FOO:-bar}).  The default values in NHC are done
conditionally, but I suspect most config file settings are not, so
this could potentially be a source of confusion.



PS:  Hope to see many of you at MoabCon in a few weeks!  :-)

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