[torqueusers] How to limit threads per job

Rob Holmes Rob.Holmes at bmtwbm.com.au
Sun Mar 10 17:33:02 MDT 2013

Are these OpenMP jobs?  If so, you need to set the OMP_NUM_THREADS environment variable to match PBS_NUM_PPN.  I set the default OMP_NUM_THREADS to 1 and ask users to include the following line in their submission scripts:

I'm sure you could use a prologue script for a more elegant solution but we don't have many users so this works fine.

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I have a Rocks cluster with Torque  2.3.6.
Some users submit jobs with certain number of cores but after these jobs run, on each node, with many threads, more than cores specified in qsub.
Is there any way to limit the number of threads/job?
The Torque/Maui lets you do this?

Thank you in advance.
albano serrano
university of minho
braga - portugal
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