[torqueusers] Changing queue to a node on a living system

Luca Paglieri luca.paglieri at polimi.it
Wed Mar 6 04:00:40 MST 2013

Dear all,

I would like to move a node from its queue to a freshly created new one; 
to do this, I've created the new queue, I've changed the attribute of 
that node in $TORQUE/server_priv/nodes and I've configured the queue 
Now I have to restart pbs_server , using
qterm -t quick
so that the jobs on any queue remain unaffected by the restarting of the 
My question is: what should I expect to happen to the job that is 
(partially) running over the "moved" node, once that that node will be 
attributed to the new queue? Will it continue to run until completion? 
Will it be stopped?
Or should I follow a completely different way to act?

Thank you very much


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