[torqueusers] Priv Port errors after upgrade to 4.1.5

Joerg Blank j.blank at fz-juelich.de
Mon Mar 4 09:24:41 MST 2013

Hello everyone,

I just tried to to upgrade from 4.1.4 to 4.1.5 and got a lot of priv
port errors after startup:

15:39:35;0001;PBS_Server.29263;Svr;PBS_Server;LOG_ERROR::Error getting
connection to socket (15096) in tcp_connect_sockaddr, Failed when trying
to get privileged port - socket_get_tcp_priv() failed

I never saw this in 4.1.4 or earlier. Any idea?

I also get a crash shortly after startup finished (qstat works for like
5-10 secs)

#1  0x00007fd4bf4c3c56 in *__GI___strdup (s=0x0) at strdup.c:42
#2  0x0000000000441876 in stat_to_mom (job_id=0x6656110
"31699[].glorim-1.cluster", cntl=0x7fd4b00811c0) at req_stat.c:901
#3  0x0000000000442aad in stat_mom_job (job_id=0x6656110
"31699[].glorim-1.cluster") at req_stat.c:1120
#4  0x0000000000442c1d in poll_job_task (ptask=0x66622f0) at req_stat.c:1170
#5  0x000000000045b1a2 in work_thread (a=0x7fd4be39b920) at
#6  0x00007fd4bf9b88ca in start_thread (arg=<value optimized out>) at
#7  0x00007fd4bf517b6d in clone () at

Jörg Blank

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