[torqueusers] configuration conflict

Climer, Payton Payton.Climer at unt.edu
Fri Jun 28 13:50:23 MDT 2013


I'm working on migrating a HPC cluster running Red Hat 5.4 over to torque 2.5.12.
The cluster is currently using an older version of Platform LSF 7 (before they merged with IBM) and has expired.
So far dealing with IBM I have had no luck with re-licensing LSF.
In the mean time I want to get something up and running.

I have installed Torque following the administrators guide and so far it has gone smooth.
However, when I try to run "qmgr" I get an error that states "<qmgr>: not supported by LSF".

When I initially run the "pbs_server -t create" or "./torque.setup" it does create the serverdb file, however it doesn't open the configuration (not supported by LSF error).

Which unfortunately means I can't change any of the configuration settings.

Has someone come across this issue before?


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