[torqueusers] pbs_sched ver : "Problem with creating server data strucutre"

Matt Harvey m.j.harvey at acellera.com
Sat Jun 15 13:17:18 MDT 2013


I've just updated a torque installation from 2.5.9 to (release 13
Jul 13).  To update, all daemons were replaced by the new versions and
restarted. I also started the new trqauthd.

no changes were made to the qmgr config, which was previously working and
in left in an active (scheduling) state.

After the update scheduling did not appear to be working. The pbs_sched's
sched_out file contains the following two lines repeated:

pbs_statserver failed: 15033
Problem with creating server data strucutre

According to the admin manual this error is:

PBSE_NOCONNECTS 15033 No free connections

>From inspecting /proc/pid/fd  is is clear the pbs_sched has made a
connection to the pbs_server.

Is the pbs_sched in the new release broken, or does the error suggest I
have some misconfiguration?


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