[torqueusers] Not receiving output

Hatem Elshazly hmelshazly at gmail.com
Sat Jun 15 11:15:17 MDT 2013

I've newly installed torque on a mini-cluster (2 machines) but i've a
problem when submitting a job, i don't receive an output file nor an error
file, i've tested the connection between the server and the client
(ping-ed, ssh-ed) and everything was working fine, i checked the config
file on mom_priv and nodes file on the server_priv and nothing was wrong
with them, the job status queues and completes fine but there is something
i noted when running qstat -f command, i get this output in a field called

sched_hint = sched_hint = Post job file processing error; job
2.hatem-inspiron-5520  on  host toma-VirtualBox/0Bad UID for job execution
REJHOST=toma-virtualbox MSG=cannot find user 'hatem' in password file

the server is (hatem-Inspiron-5520) and the client is (toma-VirtualBox).
i also checked the server log and there was nothing unusual and there was
no log for pbs_mom in mom_logs!!, i double checked /etc/hosts file on both
the server and the client and each file has the (ip hostname) of the
correspondent machine.

I don't know what to do with that, so if anyone can help me on this it
would be great.

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