[torqueusers] VNC service on cluster nodes with torque

Grigory Shamov gas5x at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 14 13:06:18 MDT 2013


Does SSH with X-forwarding not work? qsub has the -X option, at least its man page says so. Matlab GUI seems to work just as well via  X connection, without transferring the whole desktop over VNC. And it would be more secure perhaps.

Grigory Shamov
HPC Analyst,
University of Manitoba/Westgrid

--- On Fri, 6/14/13, Chris Hunter <chris.hunter at yale.edu> wrote:

> From: Chris Hunter <chris.hunter at yale.edu>
> Subject: [torqueusers] VNC service on cluster nodes with torque
> To: torqueusers at supercluster.org
> Date: Friday, June 14, 2013, 9:43 AM
> I am working on a method to provide
> easy remote VNC access to cluster 
> nodes using regular torque "qsub" job submission. The
> objective is to 
> allow cluster users to run GUI based software (eg. matlab,
> visit, 
> paraview, etc.) on cluster nodes via remote access. We have
> run into 
> several practical difficulties not directly related torque.
> For example, users submit jobs on a public-facing server but
> the VNC 
> service starts on a cluster node on a private network. We
> need to create 
> a network path between the remote user and the cluster node,
> using the 
> public-facing server as the intermediate bridge. We have
> found no good 
> method to automate this as part of the job submission. We
> tested various 
> port forwarding schemes that require manual intervention but
> nothing 
> that is fully automated.
> Another issue is VNC traffic is unencrypted. We would like
> to encrypt 
> traffic (ie. using a SSH tunnel) to the remote user.
> However, installing 
> and configuring the required VNC & SSH client software
> on a remote PC is 
> a support nightmare (eg. supporting unmanaged windows, mac
> & linux 
> desktop & laptops).
> Does any manage a cluster where users submit jobs to use VNC
> ?
> Are you able to fully automate the VNC setup and connection
> ?
> Any advice on avoiding common pitfalls ? Is a fully
> automated VNC 
> service unrealistic ?
> regards,
> chris hunter
> chris.hunter at yale.edu
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