[torqueusers] Mom spool filesystem full error even though the spool is not full

David Chin chindw at wfu.edu
Tue Jun 11 09:01:58 MDT 2013

Hi everyone:

I have an odd error that popped up this morning. About 8 nodes suddenly
came up with "torque spool filesystem full" even though the spool
filesystem (4 GiB) was completely empty, and there had not been any jobs at
all for > 12 hours prior to the error appearing.

We have $logevent set to 511, and there is the every-5-minute timestamp in
the log with the torque version number, but nothing else for the >12 hours
preceding the appearance of the error.

Restarting pbs_mom clears the problem.

We are running Torque 2.5.12 on RHEL6.

Any hints as to where to look next?

Thanks in advance,

David Chin, Ph.D.
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