[torqueusers] searcing for the directory of running job

Michael Jennings mej at lbl.gov
Thu Jan 31 10:39:01 MST 2013

On Wednesday, 30 January 2013, at 23:39:07 (-0800),
Mahmood Naderan wrote:

> Below is the output of "qstat -f". Please note that I am not looking for PBS_O_WORKDIR. That is the working directory which I ran qsub. What I want to find is the temporary directory on the computing node which is running the executable. Assume,
> 1- I compile the program
> 2- qsub the program
> 3- while '2' is running, I modify the code 
> 4- compile the code
> 5- qsub the program again
> Now 2 instances of my program are running however they are independent. So torque should have copied the executables somewhere on the computing nodes to provide this independence. I want to find that location.

TORQUE copies job scripts but does NOT copy executables.  The Linux
kernel on the compute node(s) keeps the text and data segments of the
executable in memory even after it is overwritten.

lsof -p <job pid> is very informative in this regard.


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