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Coyle, James J [ITACD] jjc at iastate.edu
Mon Jan 28 13:20:36 MST 2013

Assuming you're the cluster admin, the easiest way is to place

$spool_as_final_name true



on the batch nodes and restart the moms, then you don't have any output going to the modes.

  This also allows users to look at their output while the job runs.

  I do find that the output gets appended, so you might want to delete the output files before the job starts.

  This also avoids the problem of users filling up
/var/spool/torque with junk.  On my old smaller system, I had users writing 2GB plus output files.
It didn't take many to fill up /var  and then subsequent "good" jobs failed due to /var being full.

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My system  has put error messages of jobs in the  "/var/spool/torque/undelivered",  in the node where the job is running, instead of the local directory where the job is installed. Please, how can I solve this problem.


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