[torqueusers] Warewulf NHC 1.2.2 Release

Matthew Britt msbritt at umich.edu
Wed Jan 23 09:37:18 MST 2013

Thanks Michael.     I've upgraded from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 and tested on three different nodes, and the time to run went from an average of .45 seconds to 3.5-5 seconds (same config).    How do you enable debug mode and does it give timing for each test being done so I can see where the time is going?

 - Matt

Matthew Britt
CAEN HPC Group - College of Engineering
msbritt at umich.edu

On Jan 22, 2013, at 8:23 PM, Michael Jennings <mej at lbl.gov> wrote:

> Due primarily to a couple pretty important bug fixes, I've gone ahead
> and released version 1.2.2 of Warewulf NHC.  I'm hoping to get at
> least one more release after this one out the door before MoabCon
> 2013.  :-)
> Warewulf Node Health Check, for anyone not familiar with it, is an
> effort to create a framework and implementation for the node health
> check scripts often used by resource managers and schedulers as well
> as for periodic independent node sanity checks.  More information and
> complete documentation may be found at:
> http://warewulf.lbl.gov/trac/wiki/Node%20Health%20Check
> If you want to skip right to the packages, here's the direct link to
> the tarball.  RPMs for RHEL5 and RHEL6, as well as yum repositories
> for each, are available as well.
> http://warewulf.lbl.gov/downloads/releases/warewulf-nhc/warewulf-nhc-1.2.2.tar.gz
> http://warewulf.lbl.gov/downloads/repo/rhel5/
> http://warewulf.lbl.gov/downloads/repo/rhel6/
> - The watchdog timer is more reliable now and should work with all
>   supported versions of bash.
> - The signal handlers were cleaned up and a couple minor issues
>   fixed.
> - NEW CHECK:  check_hw_mcelog() was implemented as requested and
>   discussed on the torqueusers mailing list.
> - NEW FEATURE:  pdsh-style node range support has been added thanks
>   to a patch from John Hanks <john.hanks at usu.edu>.  You can now
>   specify one or more comma-separated node range expressions for
>   matching nodes.  The whole thing must be surrounded by braces to
>   avoid conflicts with globbing syntax.  A couple examples:
>     {node[00-99]}     || check_hw_cpuinfo 2 12 24
>     {n0,n3,n[5-8]}    || check_hw_cpuinfo 2 8 8
>     {n[0-123].cchem}  || check_ps_daemon sshd root
>   Note that you can't have commas *inside* the brackets, nor can you
>   have more than one bracketed range per subexpression.
> - NEW FEATURE:  LDAP/NIS/NIS+/etc. support.  If direct passwd file
>   lookup for a userid or UID fails, NHC will now fall back to using
>   "getent" to do the resolution.  Parsing sources other than
>   /etc/passwd is also supported.  See the online docs for more
>   details.
> Please note that the 2 new features listed above are EXPERIMENTAL and
> have not been thoroughly tested.  Any issues should be reported via
> the mailing list or warewulf.lbl.gov bug tracker.
> Any/all feedback welcome!  Enjoy!  :-)
> Michael
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