[torqueusers] torque server on a virtual machine

Thomas Exner thomas.exner at uni-konstanz.de
Mon Jan 21 14:04:03 MST 2013

Dear torque users and developers:

I have a very strange problem. I set up a kernel-based virtual machine 
(KVM) on an OpenSuse 12.1 system. This virtual machine should be used as 
the torque server for a small cluster. Installation went fine but when 
the first client tries to connect, I get thousands of these error massages:
PBS_Server;Svr;PBS_Server;LOG_ERROR::is_request, bad attempt to connect 
from (address not trusted - check entry in server_priv/nodes)

The funny thing is that the IP address is not the IP of the client 
( but of the host running the virtual machine ( Thus 
it seems that torque thinks that the request is coming from the 
KVM-server host and not the torque client. But there is definitely no 
pbs_mom running on If is added to the nodes file, 
pbsnodes shows this machine but with the data of This has 
definitely something to do with the network setup to get KVM to work. 
For this a network bridge is needed. Does anyone know if this bridge is 
the problem and if I can configure it to send the original IP? 
Unfortunately, my knowledge about such a setting is very limited. But 
everything except torque seems to run nicely. Any other idea?

Thank you very much.


Dr. Thomas E. Exner
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