[torqueusers] Different configure lines

Ezell, Matthew A. ezellma at ornl.gov
Tue Jan 15 15:10:40 MST 2013

On 1/14/13 2:27 PM, "David Beer" <dbeer at adaptivecomputing.com> wrote:
>If you have a minute, can you please send in your configure line?

On our Crays it looks something like:

./configure --prefix=/opt/torque/4.1.4 \
	--with-server-home=/var/spool/torque \
	--with-default-server=my.server.name \
	--with-debug \
	--with-job-create \
	--with-tcp-retry-limit=200 \

Matt Ezell
HPC Systems Administrator
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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