[torqueusers] X11 Forwarding issue in 4.1.3

Patrick Cable pc at pcable.net
Tue Jan 8 16:20:21 MST 2013


I've got a master node with 4 compute nodes. All have xterm and xauth

If I 'ssh -X master' then from master run 'ssh -X node001' I can
successfully get a window back to my desktop.

However, if i 'ssh -X master' then 'qsub -X -I' - no dice. My $DISPLAY is
set on master, but on node001 it's empty:

interceptor:~ cable$ ssh -X cadgrid
Last login: Tue Jan  8 18:10:22 2013 from
[1818][cable at cadgrid:~]$ echo $DISPLAY
[1818][cable at cadgrid:~]$ qsub -X -I
qsub: waiting for job 149.cadgrid.asdf to start
qsub: job 149.cadgrid.asdf ready

[1818][cable at cadgrid004:~]$ echo $DISPLAY

[1818][cable at cadgrid004:~]$ logout
qsub: job 149.cadgrid.asdf completed

I've tried increasing the pbs_mom debug logs to see if I could find
anything, but had no luck. Any pointers on where else I should look?


- Patrick
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