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Tue Feb 26 22:31:24 MST 2013

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Subject: Re: [torqueusers] port no.
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Date: Wednesday, February 27, 2013, 1:45 AM

I checked the machine name in the file. It is the host name.
I am getting error while starting server in create mode. I tried giving ip address with the port no. Still it is not working.
Also I have created the node file in $TORQUE_HOME/server_priv.

when i fire ./torque.setup command I get following error msg.

[root at mws197 torque-4.1.4]# ./torque.setup rkandlik
initializing TORQUE (admin: rkandlik at mws197.uncc.edu)

You have selected to start pbs_server in create mode.
If the server database exists it will be overwritten.
do you wish to continue y/(n)?y
ERROR: pbs_server failed to start, check syslog and server logs for more information
[root at mws197 torque-4.1.4]# 

When I go to log file it says,

Feb 26 14:42:11 mws197 pbs_mom: LOG_ERROR::mom_server_all_update_stat, Could not contact any of the servers to send an update
Feb 26 14:42:15 mws197 pbs_mom: LOG_ERROR::Connection refused (111) in tcp_connect_sockaddr, Failed when trying to open tcp connection - connect() failed [rc = 15096] [addr =]

Is there any step I am missing?


These are just guesses, but could it be the local firewall or SELinux ?

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