[torqueusers] qsub wrapper examples for filtering on memory request

Andrew Ring apring at umn.edu
Mon Feb 25 13:49:59 MST 2013

tl;dr - Requesting qsub wrapper examples to reject jobs that ask for too 
much RAM or alt method.


I wish to immediately reject jobs that ask for too much RAM.  I would 
like to make my filter as simple and comprehensive as possible.  I have 
found two example qsub filters online, but neither deals directly with 
filtering on RAM usage.  Would anyone be willing to share one?

Is there a job parser that replicates the parsing done by torque already 
or otherwise makes that output available?  For instance the output from 
checkjob presents the information in a usable format.

Has the issue of the queue limit on mem been resolved?  By which I mean 
is this statement no longer valid on a newer version?:
mem	size	Amount of physical memory used by the job. (Ignored on Darwin, 
Digital Unix, Free BSD, HPUX 11, IRIX, NetBSD, and SunOS. Also ignored 
on Linux if number of nodes is not 1. Not implemented on AIX and HPUX 10.)

source: http://docs.adaptivecomputing.com/torque/3-0-5/4.1queueconfig.php

Thank you,

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