[torqueusers] specifying nodes for MPI jobs on small cluster

Andrew Dawson dawson at atm.ox.ac.uk
Thu Feb 7 02:10:48 MST 2013

Hi all,

I'm configuring a recent torque/maui installation and I'm having trouble
with submitting MPI jobs. I would like for MPI jobs to specify the number
of processors they require and have those come from any available physical
machine, the users shouldn't need to specify processors per node etc.

The torque manual says that the nodes option is mapped to virtual
processors, so for example:

    #PBS -l nodes=8

should request 8 virtual processors. The problem I'm having is that our
cluster currently has only 5 physical machines (nodes), and setting nodes
to anything greater than 5 gives the error:

    qsub: Job exceeds queue resource limits MSG=cannot locate feasible
nodes (nodes file is empty or all systems are busy)

I'm confused by this, we have 33 virtual processors available across the 5
nodes (4 8-core machines and one single core) so my interpretation of the
manual is that I should be able to request 8 nodes, since these should be
understood as virtual processors? Am I doing something wrong?

I tried setting

#PBS -l procs=8

but that doesn't seem to do anything, MPI stops due to having only 1 worker
available (single core allocated to the job).



The queue I'm submitting jobs to is defined as:

create queue normal
set queue normal queue_type = Execution
set queue normal resources_min.cput = 12:00:00
set queue normal resources_default.cput = 24:00:00
set queue normal disallowed_types = interactive
set queue normal enabled = True
set queue normal started = True

and we are using torque version 2.5.12 and we are using maui 3.3.1 for
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