[torqueusers] ANNOUNCE: pestat v.2.12: Print a 1-line summary of jobs on each node

Michael Jennings mej at lbl.gov
Tue Feb 5 15:42:12 MST 2013

On Tuesday, 05 February 2013, at 14:14:42 (+0100),
Ole Holm Nielsen wrote:

> Do you mean that the header line's "node" column is too short for your 
> node names?  Do you have an example output from your system?  If anyone 
> is using FQDN node names, should pestat print the FQDN or strip the 
> domain part?

We use a naming scheme of nXXXX.cluster, where XXXX is a 4-digit,
0-padded number and "cluster" is the name of the cluster.  I shifted
the nodename display to the right using %20s to make room.  At some
point I'll probably split the name into 2 separate columns to make it
more readable.

> Caveat: We're still running Torque 2.3, so I didn't test pestat with
> later Torque versions.  It was tested with Torque 2.5 at another
> site some time ago.

It seems to work fine on 4.x.  I've only played with it a little bit,
but I haven't noticed any issues.  We do get quite a bit of output,
even with the -f option, so it's possible I missed something.


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