[torqueusers] trqauthd init script

Eva Hocks hocks at sdsc.edu
Mon Dec 9 15:10:15 MST 2013

is missing the remove of the socket /tmp/trqauthd-unix. When trqauthd
is stopped it will not start again with the current script:

# service trqauthd stop
Shutting down TORQUE Authorization Daemon:                 [  OK  ]

# service trqauthd start
Starting TORQUE Authorization Daemon: hostname: hpcdev-005.local
trqauthd unix domain file /tmp/trqauthd-unix already bound.
 trqauthd may already be running

all the script seems to need is a simple
rm /tmp/trqauthd-unix  in the stop) section.

Would it be possible to add it to the torque branch?


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