[torqueusers] #PBS -k n not working

Andrus, Brian Contractor bdandrus at nps.edu
Fri Aug 30 14:40:46 MDT 2013

IIRC, that is for keeping it on the compute node the job ran on, not the final output.
"Defines which (if either) of standard output or standard error will be retained on the execution host"

So when a job runs, the STDOUT and STDERR are kept on each node the job is running on, then when the job is complete, those are merged, copied to the submit host and removed from the compute nodes. -k says to leave them on the compute nodes.

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Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to use the annotation #PBS -k n so that *.o* and *.e* files don't get made for every script that is submitted to the cluster.

The #PBS -j oe annotation does work and successfully merges the output and error streams.

Does anyone have any ideas why the -k option would not work for me?

Thank you,


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