[torqueusers] Post job file processing error / permission denied

Mark Christiansen mchristi at uw.edu
Wed Aug 14 12:52:27 MDT 2013

Hi Everyone,


I am trying to set up a torque cluster and I get the following error:


An error has occurred processing your job, see below.

Post job file processing error; job 4


Unable to copy file /var/lib/torque/spool/4.localhost.localdomain.OU to
user at host.local:/home/user/job.out

*** error from copy

Permission denied

lost connection

*** end error output

Output retained on that host in:


I have looked through the archives, and there are some threads around using
ssh keys to fix this problem.  However, I did configure password-less ssh
logins and it works well.  If I log into the machine giving me the above
error, I can perform a copy using "scp" without any problem.  I can also ssh
from any machine to any machine in the cluster without getting prompted for
a password.   


My cluster is configured to use LDAP for authenticating users.  


Has anyone run into this problem after configuring their ssh keys?  


Thank you in advance, 




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