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David Kieschnick DKieschnick at reactiondesign.com
Wed Apr 24 17:34:42 MDT 2013

We've set Maui to enforce memory limits, but if a user submits a job without a memory specification, there's no limit to enforce. So we want to put a minimum/default memory amount on the queue to encourage users to remember to set a limit. I believe that's done by:

qmgr -c "set queue default resources_default.mem =1 gb"

I've never modified the queue, so I don't know what issuing that qmgr command will do, operationally. Do I need to restart a daemon after making this change? Or issue some other command? And what happens to currently running jobs when I make that change. We currently only have a default queue, as our cluster is new and tiny.

Or should I be doing this in Maui. I assume it ought to be done at the queue level.

Obviously I'm very new at this.
David Kieschnick
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