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Zaya Kh zayakhai at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 22:07:02 MDT 2013

o I need install torque server or head node on master node of clsuter and
compute nodes install on slave nodes of cluster?
And how to install TORQUE on compute node(s)? In my opinion, I will install
main Torque packages, then we use below command.
*installing TORQUE compute nodes from the source directory*

*> make packages
Building ./torque-package-clients-linux-i686.sh ...
Building ./torque-package-mom-linux-i686.sh ...
Building ./torque-package-server-linux-i686.sh ...
Building ./torque-package-gui-linux-i686.sh ...
Building ./torque-package-devel-linux-i686.sh ...

The package files are self-extracting packages that can be copied
and executed on your production machines.  Use --help for options.

> cp torque-package-mom-linux-i686.sh /shared/storage
> cp torque-package-clients-linux-i686.sh /shared/storage
> dsh /shared/storage/torque-package-mom-linux-i686.sh --install
> dsh /shared/storage/torque-package-clients-linux-i686.sh --install*

Is that true? If any idea?
Best regards,
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