[torqueusers] Torque 4.x and cpusets

Joschi Brauchle joschi.brauchle at tum.de
Wed Apr 17 06:44:12 MDT 2013


I am trying to followup a post about "Torque 4.0.0 and cpusets", where 
it was reported that starting pbs_mom fails with
Starting TORQUE Mom: pbs_mom: LOG_ERROR::No such file or directory(2) in 
init_torque_cpuset, (create_cpuset) failed to open /dev/cpuset/cpus

I am running Torque on openSUSE 12.3 (kernel 3.7.10) and I am 
having exactly the same problem.

There seems to be no fix for this currently, other than turning off 
cpusets during torque compilation to get it to work?

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