[torqueusers] qsub wrapper examples for filtering on memory request

David Chin chindw at wfu.edu
Thu Apr 18 22:06:48 MDT 2013

Hi, Andrew:

It's a slightly sticky problem due to the many ways one can specify memory:
1024mb, 1gb, etc, etc.

I have some other Torque-related stuff that needed to parse these memory
strings, and resorted to Python (my language of choice). Attached is a qsub
filter that should do what you want.

Disclaimer: I've only done very minor testing.


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On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 3:49 PM, Andrew Ring <apring at umn.edu> wrote:

> tl;dr - Requesting qsub wrapper examples to reject jobs that ask for too
> much RAM or alt method.
> Hello,
> I wish to immediately reject jobs that ask for too much RAM.  I would
> like to make my filter as simple and comprehensive as possible.  I have
> found two example qsub filters online, but neither deals directly with
> filtering on RAM usage.  Would anyone be willing to share one?
> Is there a job parser that replicates the parsing done by torque already
> or otherwise makes that output available?  For instance the output from
> checkjob presents the information in a usable format.
> Has the issue of the queue limit on mem been resolved?  By which I mean
> is this statement no longer valid on a newer version?:
> mem     size    Amount of physical memory used by the job. (Ignored on
> Darwin,
> Digital Unix, Free BSD, HPUX 11, IRIX, NetBSD, and SunOS. Also ignored
> on Linux if number of nodes is not 1. Not implemented on AIX and HPUX 10.)
> source: http://docs.adaptivecomputing.com/torque/3-0-5/4.1queueconfig.php
> Thank you,
> Andrew
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