[torqueusers] Submitting very short jobs

Lukas Grossar lukas.grossar at uni-graz.at
Sun Oct 28 00:43:15 MDT 2012

On 10/28/2012 05:09 AM, Jon Tegner wrote:
> Hi,
> we have for a long time used maui/torque, and it has worked really well 
> for out applications (mpi-jobs with many cores and execution times of 
> days/weeks).
> But, we have other applications which instead consists of 
> hundreds/thousands of single core very short applications (a few seconds).
> Haven't tried yet, but I imagine that due overhead it would be 
> inefficient to use maui/torque in the same way as we have done previously.
I have no idea about the overhead problem, but running short single-core
jobs in an environment of long multi-core jobs sound like a good
application for the backfill algorithm in Maui.

> I'm sure I'm not the first one with this kind of problem, and am just 
> wondering if there are any best practices regarding this kind of problem.
> Thanks!
> /jon
Hope this helps!

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